“It was truly inspiring to watch Kelly tackle the job of editing my book and to help make it a great read.  Kelly’s professional recommendations were so refreshing and as she worked through my manuscript, I could sense her particular passion for my book. Effective communication via e-mails that were consistent, timely, clear and concise quickly built trust and respect for a creative environment.  Kelly reviewed my story, often catching missing words and typos but most importantly making sure that my message was being conveyed properly. The obvious joy Kelly gets from solving problems garners my unreserved recommendation for all writers to utilize Bookside Manner services.” —  Lance Sandler, Live in His Glow: The Life and Legacy of Coach Jack Sandler

“From the start, Kelly made me feel comfortable with the entire editing process.  She offers a complimentary edit of an excerpt to ensure that the author is comfortable with her services before editing the entire work.  Her communication before, during, and after the process were both thorough and helpful.  The quality of her work is professional and skillful.” — Amy McCoy, Little Big Sister and Little Big Sister on the Move 

“I am extremely pleased with the level of editing Kelly did for my book. For the line editing, she was thorough (two passes) and stated her non–grammar-related corrections in the notes. In her wrap-up, she pointed out which scenes could use more dialogue, and after revisions, she edited those as well. The timeframe was perfect for my needs. We discussed when I would need the editing done in our initial emails, and she was able to accommodate me in her schedule. She finished early, which was so exciting for me! Some people I have worked with take a long time to answer emails, but Kelly is not one of them! If I had a question, she answered within 24 hours. I really appreciated that because it made me feel valued as a customer.” — Alexandra Ayers, Collateral

“I was extremely happy with the level of editing…I selected you after reviewing seventeen other editors. Some offered more detailed edits, others less. I found your edits fit with what I wanted. Your suggestions were well taken and I was happy to change my text as a result.” — Colin Glassey, The Burning Tower and The Fire Sword

“After engaging with Kelly Cozy for my first novel and seeing not only the thoroughness of her editing but also the thought and care that she put into making sure my voice and vision stayed true through the suggested changes, I am proud to say that she has completely demonstrated to me the value and need of a good editing process. Not only addressing syntax and grammatical hurdles, she also responded to all of my specific comments and questions about scene placement, chapter breaks, and the necessity of several minor characters. She provided both an inline assessment of my work and a separate general overview where she pointed out ideas and plots that could benefit from greater exploration. Effectively communicating throughout the editing process, I was very pleased with both the adherence to the established project time-line and updates as work was completed. I will absolutely utilize Kelly Cozy on future projects.” — Christopher Wright, Pandora’s Box

“I am so glad that I hired Kelly Cozy as an editor for my debut novel! She was extremely thorough, and I know that my manuscript was vastly improved. Every stage of the process was completed on time and on budget, and she was always available to answer any questions that I had. I look forward to working with her on future projects!” — J. Dolores Perry, Those Who Rise (The Revolutionaries Book 1)

“An author can try to self-edit their own manuscript, but to have another set of professional eyes on a manuscript is priceless and an indispensable asset. Kelly also went one step further by pointing out plot holes, questions about characters’ actions, and multiple other issues. The timeframe of the editing suited my needs perfectly; Kelly has never failed to come through for me. She has always been available to answer any questions I might have regarding the editing of my work.” — Emilie Howard, the Cold Hollow series and Tales of Terrible Events

“The edit was exactly what I was looking for: sharp enough to cut away my mistakes and errors, but not so blunt as to take anything away from my story. The timeframe exceeded my expectations significantly. This has been one of the most pleasant surprises of working with Kelly.” — Casey Calouette, Steel Storm, Hard Nova, and Cloak of War

“I was very pleased with your level of editing; you went well above the level I would have expected for the price I paid. In particular your feedback on overused words and phrases jolted me into reviewing key scenes, leading to a much better sense of vibrancy overall. Your editing and responses to follow-up questions was lightning quick. After looking around at other editors who suggested that they would take weeks to produce the same results, I was very impressed when you nailed the time frame that you committed [to].  Whenever I had a question or needed a clarification on your editing notes, you responded within 24 hours with a thoughtful, complete answer. Great service.” — Greg Pettit, Dream Job (The Dreamwalker Chronicles)

“Your copy editing is wonderful. You caught all kinds of stuff I’ve never noticed and tics I didn’t know I had. I very much appreciate your follow-up and willingness to answer my questions.” — July Hall, the Magister series 

“I was nothing but pleased with your editing services. You were thorough, professional, and prompt. This is very much a word-of-mouth industry, where professionalism is just as important as skill, and you were awesome on both counts. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone who asks.” — Michael Coorlim, Bartleby and James

“Kelly Cozy is a godsend.  I was receiving 4 and 5 star reviews for my book, Melody of Murder (An Andromeda Spencer Novel, Book 2) but I was also receiving complaints about the editing.  Kelly found all of my mistakes, even the ones I didn’t know I made.  Kelly is very easy to work with and she surprised me by having my book edits finished days earlier than I thought she would.  Kelly is a priceless asset to any author and I will continue to use her services for all of my books.” — Theresa Parker, the Andromeda Spencer series

“Kelly has edited over thirty of my works, and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with her. She is prompt, professional, and extremely reliable as an editor. I can always count on her high-quality editorial work, and she has a knack for picking up on plot issues that may otherwise have derailed a story. She’s worth every penny as an editor, and I couldn’t be happier with her services.” — Kendra Claire, the A Baby for Our Babysitter series

“I’m very grateful for your help with my book. The edits came back exactly on time, and were just what the story needed.” — Alex Scott, Thresholds of the Grand Dream

“Kelly provided exactly what I needed when editing my first two novels. Her advice and recommendations were helpful and insightful without being overbearing or changing the tone of my work. She was invaluable in offering gentle yet incredibly useful advice on minor plot points that needed firming up, and I felt with her input I was able to take my writing to exactly where it needed to be. By paying attention to Kelly’s edits and taking note of her feedback, I have been able to improve my writing well beyond anything I could have accomplished alone. Kelly was a very thorough and fast editor and provided accurate estimates of how long it would take her to work on my manuscripts prior to commencing. Her openness and ready communication was invaluable in planning my release dates and scheduling promotions. I found Kelly to be an excellent communicator. She was always open and friendly and kept me updated throughout the editing process so that I felt assured that she was progressing with my work.” — Bella Frost, The Trouble With Amanda and Zoe’s Dilemma

“Her keen eye for details in syntax and word choice helped make my novel profoundly better. I found Kelly was always willing to go the extra mile. She is easy to work with and always ready to help. Thanks to her, my first novel is being published.” — Diane Molberg, If I Go

“Instead of simply making changes, Kelly brought certain areas or problems to my attention along with suggestions for how to improve them. I was very satisfied in this regard. Kelly gave me a schedule right up front and stuck to it. It was all very professional. I had a lot of ‘back and forth’ with Kelly, and she was always very timely in answering my questions. Overall, a very professional job.” — Paul Clayton, Van Ripplewink: You Can’t Go Home Again

“Not only did Kelly finish her edit before my deadline, but when I got it back my manuscript was dripping with red.  She’d caught every one of my cursed homonym mistakes, reined in all of the wayward punctuation, made innovative and informed suggestions based on an obvious grasp of my characters’ personalities, slashed the superfluous adjectives to ribbons, and trimmed the fat down to the bone. I’d never been so pleased with an edit in all my life. Thanks to her diligent efforts, I was able to easily turn that shabby draft into a clean, polished, and positively resplendent final version. I published this second book with confidence, but also waited to see if there would be any hidden mistakes that Kelly or I had missed.  It’s now been a solid year and no one has mentioned noticing even the slightest typo” — Emily Thompson, the Clockwork Twist series

“Kelly has edited over thirty of my works, and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with her. She is prompt, professional, and extremely reliable as an editor. I can always count on her high-quality editorial work, and she has a knack for picking up on plot issues that may otherwise have derailed a story. She’s worth every penny as an editor, and I couldn’t be happier with her services.” — Kendra Claire, A Baby for Our Babysitter series

“Kelly Cozy has edited two of my published books, and I have enjoyed working with her. Her comments while editing both books showed that she had really read the books and understood the characters I was trying to portray. She paid attention to details and would correct my grammar or suggest rephrasing of some sentences/sections of my manuscript without taking over my voice. She is professional but also friendly in all her communication, and that made it easy to work with her. Her keeping to proposed time-scales was faultless, and she delivered within the deadlines I had. I definitely recommend this editor, and I am looking forward to working with her again.” — Osar Adeyemi, After the Storm and Echoes of the Past